Happy Birthday to my dad, Soren Kierkegaard, and my sister’s dog.

Probably in that order.



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A Lesson in the Wheelhouse


This is fine. It’s really fine, in fact.

I am not, contrary to popular opinion, a people person.

I write what makes me comfortable and sometimes what makes me squirm. Or I just sit on one end of the picnic bench.

Book Club Update


We forgot to take photos, so there aren’t any. Look for staged shots later.

We found the book readable but not worth re-reading nor re-recommending. No link will follow.

We found the food good. The company lively. The lingering husband short-lived and two mingling cats unusually friendly.

Thank you, Amtrak.

Train from Bratislava to Budapest

Train from Bratislava to Budapest

I often write while watching things go by: people, scenery, that dappled horse in the back corner of a farmer’s field rearing up just as the train passes. So the writers’ residencies to be put in place by Amtrak definitely deserve a spot on my blog and my Facebook page and anywhere else I can write about them, for that matter. Thanks, Amtrak, for realizing the value of artists, the financial struggles they go through, and the ways in which you can help contribute to their success.

Click on the link above or here for The Wire’s full article.

Don’t Lose it, Use it…as Inspiration


Here, I’ll make up my own: Don’t find it, grind it. Um, maybe, bind it? All I’m saying is, go with what you’ve got.

As established by my last post, I love coffee. And this morning, I’m staying in. Above is what my coffee bag says. It was a gift, and I’ll take it.

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The Turduckin of Blogging

…a link within a title within a blog within another blog. Click to see me featured on Aesthetic Fauna.


Launch of YouTube Site


I’m cheap. Instead of purchasing a premium blog site, I uploaded my recent reading videos to YouTube. Check them out below:

Mass Poetry Festival in May: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6NvKSAHQBg

Achievers Amsterdam in July: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqrIDI7KOls

Structo Issue 10 Launch Party in London  in August: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imO1y0zx0sQ



Up and running soon. I promise.

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