Happy French Friday…

…from the trunk of my rental car to yours.



Happy French Friday.

To a weekend of writing and wine and brie the size of your head.


Happy Friday.

Here’s to finding a remote-controlled racecar on every public park bench this weekend.


Happy Mother’s Day to Mine.


Mom & I in Zeeland, Nederland

Mom & I in Zeeland, Nederland

A few lines I found scratched in a notebook from college:

Vows to my Mother

I promise that by the time you get sick of waking up at 5am to put the twenty-five-pound turkey in the oven, I will find it endearing.

I promise to help my brother and sister in your absence, to be there in case of failed marriages or credit card debt.

I promise to retain a minimum of 27% of what you’ve taught me.

I promise to eat well and be kind to strangers, especially old ones.


For the interesting history of Mother’s Day, read this article by National Geographic.

Happy Friday.


I don’t usually post photos of my bosom. Grammar tank tops are now the exception.

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